Thursday, March 28, 2013

Come to the Faith and Culture Writer's Conference, April 5-6!

This coming April 5-6 I'll be teaching a couple workshops at the Faith and Culture Writer's Conference in Portland, Oregon.

Here's what I'm teaching on:

Destroying Writers BlockWriter’s block is a myth. Come to this seminar to learn how to get unstuck, destroy writer’s block and move forward in your fiction. We’ll discuss how to “write your way” out of a jam, and the disciplines that can help you crawl over and out of writer’s block every time.

The Launchpad: How to Get Started Writing Your Fiction ProjectThis class is a fun, interactive time designed to help you start a story (or novel, or screenplay) and get it finished. In addition to learning an easy story structure, we’ll write some “flash fiction” in class. You’ll leave with a complete first draft of a story. If we have time, we’ll explore how to create realistic dialogue and human interactions by experimenting on your friends and family. Moowhahahahahaaa!
I taught both of these seminars at the Portals Writer's Conference last year (which will be June 20-23 this summer), and we had a great time. It's really fun. I hope you'll come hang out with us at the Faith and Culture Writer's Conference. Wm. Paul Young, Tony Kriz, Dan Merchant, Phil Long and plenty of others will be there, too. We're going to have a good time.

You can register here.