Thursday, March 07, 2013

Seven years worth of free music from Page CXVI and The Autumn Film

My dear, talented friends Page CXVI are currently giving away every song they've ever recorded because they have decided to give up making money for Lent (not really... it's to celebrate their bandiversary). That's seven years worth of beautifully re-imagined hymns from Page CXVI as well as their original music as the band The Autumn Film. The seventh year is the "Jubilee" year, and in honor of that they are giving all their songs away for free. Go get them!

They've also just released this fun animated video of one of the songs from their "Lullabies" album:

And, if you're unfamiliar with the band, here's a beautiful version of "Joy" that I've always been partial to:

You can read about why Tifah re-wrote the song this way here. It's a really powerful song.

I don't know what you're waiting for... go get the music. And tell them that Matt sent you. And that he says hi and everything.


  1. Dann Stockton8:56 AM

    Thanks for the plug, Matt!

    Miss you, brother!

    Also, I think you still would lose our bet about being more famous. You have more twitter followers than us. And we have 3x more people.

  2. Latifah Phillips2:31 PM

    You are z best!

  3. C.R. Mooney8:44 AM

    Wow. "Joy" is incredible. Thanks for sharing it. Made me cry, for real. That is what it's about. It's easy to have joy on the beautiful days, but do we have it when we weep for sorrow? Wow.