Monday, September 24, 2012

That's a lot of underwear for such a short trip

Last night I got home from a weekend Men's Retreat in Texas for Cypress Bible Church. I had a great, refreshing time with the men and I taught four times, which was fun.

I came home to a worn out, tired family. Apparently 3-year-old M got up extra early yesterday morning, exhausting everyone, and then she had the temerity to take a two hour nap.
So, by 11 pm she and I were the only ones still awake. She couldn't sleep.

I gave her a bath in the late evening to help her relax, and when I got her out we went into her room to get her some clothes, but when I pulled open her underwear drawer it was empty. I assumed maybe they were all in the laundry, and I said so to M.

She laughed and said, "No, they are in my suitcase."

She hasn't been on any trips lately, so I went into the laundry room but there wasn't any underwear in there. I checked the guest room bed, where clean clothes are occasionally dumped to await folding. But again, no underwear.

M kept laughing and saying they were downstairs in her luggage. So, finally, I went downstairs and gor her Dora the Explorer suitcase, brought it upstairs and lo and behold it was full of underwear. Packed full.

M picked the pair she wanted and I asked her, "Why were you packing all your panties? Where were you going?"

She said, "I packed them for my trip downstairs."

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