Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let the music play... Ben Folds Five meets Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock, to me, is mostly a reminder that I didn't have cable as a child. I loved the muppets and here was this whole television show full of them that I couldn't see. It wasn't available on VHS. There was no Internet. It was maddening.

The Ben Folds Five was a mysterious but beloved rock band who apparently wanted to prove that the piano is more important than the guitar.

And now, at long last, they are rightfully together:

How about you? Any memories of Ben Folds Five, Fraggle Rock or the Muppets you want to share?


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Oh! I remember all my firends talking about Fraggle Rock, too. I used to want to go to their houses so I could see it. I think it was on HBO or some premium channel that we didn't have.

    1. I somehow neglected to add the video on this post! Now it's fixed....

  2. It is SO WIERD that you just posted about Ben Folds Five! My husband was just listening to them this week. Ben is from Greensboro (where I live) and used to work at the Kinkos my husband frequented many years ago.

    By the way, I LOVED Fraggle Rock. We didn't get cable so I'm not sure how I watched it. Actually I'm so old I think we watched it on tv . . .