Monday, September 17, 2012

Gangnam Style

A few weeks ago I came across this video from South Korean singer Psy, and I've watched it many times since then. It's pretty much the Platonic Ideal of Music Videos. A catchy song. A unique dance. Baby-faced, slightly pudgy singers somehow attracting every woman they come across. Humor. So, if you're offended by "sexy ladies" or people dancing like horses, this is probably not the video for you.

Otherwise, prepare yourself for GANGNAM STYLE!

On a side note, Krista and I went to the UC Berkeley fall retreat this weekend, where I was the Bible teacher and Krista did a talk for the women. We had a really great time, and met some really cool students and staff with Cru. I am not exaggerating when I say every student there knew this song. The dance happened more than once on stage. If you have college students, you should be aware of this song so you can be hip. I'd suggest that next time your college kid comes home, you start doing the dance and then shout OPA GANGNAM STYLE. Your child will not be embarrassed at all.

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    you can thank RANDI


    on the TIMELINE

    0 min 33 sec - Randi in the RED SHIRT - signifying the *bl..dy deed* that is about to happen

    1min 18 sec - Banachek talks about respect for the claimant and then they mock "these kind" of people in the final part

    3 min 20 sec - the test of the power bracelet that increases a person's energy and balance. Notice our challenge is all about POWER & BALANCE, proving the existence of a HIGHER POWER

    5 min 15 sec TEST BEGINS. Skeptics one by one stand in CRUCIFIXION POSE

    1 hr 10 min 21 sec Test is ended in failure

    1 hr 10 min 30 sec request is made to make change in the PROTOCOL

    1 hr 10 min 51 sec Applause is made by all those who wanted him to fail from the very beginning

    1 hr 25 min 39 sec Now they talk about the Nightline clip that was filmed in Manhattan, also the scene of the 9/11 event

    1hr 28 min 42 sec - They talk about make-shift tests. They think that because no one can win the prize that psychic phenomena does not exist

    1 hr 29 min 45 sec Banachek says "the majority of *these* people.'" A contemptuous reference that occurs repeatedly

    1 hr 31 min 53 sec The reference to envelopes. Remember the 911 in Angel's envelope!

    1 hr 37 min 11 sec Swiss says he is not worried about a paranormal event happening. Little does he know what is actually taking place

    1 hr 39 min 50 sec The mocking of SPIRITS!

    1 hr 40 min 27 sec Reference made to the TERROR of witnessing a supernatural event, i.e, the blood leaving the face

    1 hr 41 min 15 sec Reference to "these people"

    1 hr 41 min 40 sec Belief in the supernatural is claimed to be a psychological defence mechanism to cope with reality. Swiss talks about how desperate the psychics become when debunked. Little does he know what is happening to the skeptics!

    1 hr 42 min 11 sec WHEN PROPHECY SUCCEEDS! KABOOM


    which WORLD-VIEW will not exist, sh*thead?


    5000 whining atheists vs the Great Prophet

    how the divine pen of Michel N. crushed the international atheist movement

    one applicant right here...

    get the POINT, Randi....