Monday, March 08, 2010

PDX responds to my Open Letter to the Orlando International Airport

I've received two emails from professionals involved in the TSA at the Portland airport in response to this post about how superior PDX is to MCO.  I got permission from one of them to post the email she sent to me, and here it is:

Hello Matt!

I am the TSA Customer Service Assistant here at Portland International Airport (PDX) and my Manager just forwarded The Burning Hearts Revolution Blog to me. Thank you for making our day! We were thoroughly entertained and in stitches while reading your words. We truly hope you feel that loved by PDX. We indeed are extremely appreciative and in awe of your expert-ness! J Thanks again!

Treasure Hoogstad

And now I have bolded and repeated the most important sentence for your reading enjoyment, so that it will burn itself into your brain as a testimony to the fact that I do not "make stuff up" at this blog but that it really is a wonderful sight to behold my family going through security: "We indeed are extremely appreciative and in awe of your expert-ness!"

And before you accuse me of making up this letter, no, it's real.  So there. 


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    How'd they find your blog?

  2. Not sure... I suspect they were googling themselves.

  3. Awesome! I had read the original post to my husband and to my dad, who is also an expert flyer, and they were both rolling on the floor...but it's SO true. We really like PDX, too. not as much as SeaTac, though..... :)