Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Link It Up!

I keep forgetting to give you all links to various things, so here's a post full of links:

1) I was interviewed on the Western Seminary Blog this week... in part one we talked about Imaginary Jesus, the book as well as Imaginary Jesus, the person.  In part two we talked about writing, "Christian art" and seminary.  In part three we discussed quantum mechanics, controversial statements I have made and how that resulted in a fistfight between Fox News and CNN, and the correct length of medieval tapestries.

2) You may recall a few weeks ago that I preached at our church, VBC... here is the sermon, discussing the story of Noah.  The one who built the ark.  Scroll down to February 20 and you'll see a place where you can either stream or download the sermon.  I think at least once I was talking about Moses and called him Noah.  Classic.

3) It's time to buy your own jetpack. Because the future is now!

4) A review of the IJ audio book by clinical therapist, Josh Morgan. Interesting insights into the mystical structure of the book.


  1. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Part two is now available here:

  2. I fixed the link... thanks!