Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ninja Monkeys

I mentioned a story about Ninja Monkeys last week, and it was wisely pointed out that I had put the wrong link in the story.  I tried to fix it but was having trouble because the internet of New Zealand hates monkeys.  It's true.  If you are in New Zealand and search for monkeys, nothing will come up on your search.

ANYWAY, here is the real article, in which a man in China is attacked by the very monkeys which he has trained.  It is tragic.

Also... racist?  Notice that the Chinese monkeys who have learned a Korean martial art (taekwondo is their martial art of choice according to the article) are referred to as ninjas... the famous Japanese assassins.  Hmmm.  Now the veracity of the article has been thrown into doubt.  Please ellucidate in the comments section.

When we lived in Asia my wife disliked the Monkey Beggars.  They would come with their monkeys on a rope and make the monkeys do flips and tricks.  I always thought they were cool.  And I thought it was funny when a man would jump into a taxi with his monkey.  I always suspected they were zoo workers who made a little extra on the weekends after hours.  Krista was always worried the monkeys would bite the children or do some other primate thing which would be upsetting.  So one day when I saw the monkey beggers all gathered behind a restaurant taking a smoke break with their monkeys I went over and asked them if I gave them twenty bucks, would they stay away from my wife from now on... and after that any time they saw her coming, they walked to the other side of the street.  Which I thought was pretty nice of them.  Of course, I did give them twenty bucks, too.

In conclusion, despite the fact that they use their mixed martial arts to attack their own masters, monkeys are awesome.