Monday, January 18, 2010

First Look at New Zealand

My plane from Auckland to Tauranga was the smallest plane I've been on since I was about 14. We all wedged in with our carry ons for footrests, put our knees comfortably around our ears and watched the pilot work his magic.

And why, I wonder, do we use the word YIELD in the USA when clearly no one knows what it means?

Not sure what these are, but they were tied up in several of the trees.  Some sort of ornamentation? Preventative?  I have no idea.  Someone want to fill me in?

A short walk from my hotel is a sort of monument to the original settlers of New Zealand, who were explorers from Hawaii, apparently.  There were a few different strands or tribes who ended up here.  The rock in the back is meant to signify, I think, the giant stones they brought from their home to bring the "life force" with them. They also had a plaque naming the leaders of each group, who they represented, and who the spirit guide was for each of them.


In the harbor between my hotel and where I are my fish and chips for dinner.

Nothing quite as creepy as a tooth with teeth.