Wednesday, January 20, 2010


No doubt you're wondering what exactly I'm doing in New Zealand... I'm speaking at a conference called Call2All.

I'll be speaking about unreached, unengaged people groups, which, for those of you who don't speak missionary-talk, means people in the world who have less than a 2% population of Christians ("unreached") and/or have no full time Christian workers who have "adopted" them as a people group to take the story of Christ to them ("unengaged').

There are six basic premises of the Call2All organization, and they are:

#1  Global Prayer – The basic idea here being that telling people about God mustn't be a human endeavor only, but that God is the central reason, cause and power behind it, and we are his co-workers in it.

#2  Mapping the Great Commission -- Trying to get reliable, accurate information about where the Church exists and where there continues to be a need.

#3  Unengaged, Unreached People Groups – There are still about 3,000 groups that don’t have access to church or missionaries or any (human) interaction that would tell them about Christ.

#4  Orality & The Oral Bible – There are still roughly 2,251 language groups that don't have even one verse of the Bible translated in their own language.  So part of Call2All is a strategy to use story and oral translations of 50-60 stories in each of these languages that will sort of "fill in the gap" until a written Bible can be translated and produced.

#5  Church-Planting --  Not in the sense of building denominations or anything like that, but in the sense of building up the national believers into their own coherent reflection of Christ-followers in community.

#6  Evangelism – I know this is going to infuriate some of my not-Christian friends out there, and embarrass some of my Christian friends, but the fact is that telling other people about Jesus boldly is a necessary and (in fact) loving expression of a healthy relationship with Jesus.  And we won't get to those other 3,000 groups without evangelism.  So there it is.

There you go... that's what I'm up to this week, instead of passing along links to Ninja Monkeys from Ken Cheung.   Aha!  And yet, there is the link to ninja monkeys.  Could it be that I have now had my cake and am also eating it?

Even though I don't typically like cake.