Sunday, January 03, 2010

I had a dream this morning

I had a weird dream this morning.

It started with a young man who had decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him.  He had bought this amazing engagement ring that was made out of twenty engagement rings and formed a sort of orb.  He showed it to her but she didn't really care for it, so they took it apart and started looking at each of the different rings, trying to find one she would like.

When they took a break from this they went to the Carnival of the Frog Queen.  This is not a place anyone wanted to go to, but children were somehow drawn to the place, where they would have to kiss the Frog Queen on the cheek (she was about four feet tall and dressed in a heavy velvet robe, with a crown on her head).  Once they had kissed the Frog Queen they would be allowed to enter the carnival. The carnival was full of games that you could never win, and the Frog Queen somehow got some joy or satisfaction or power from the children constantly losing at games.  One game involved a representation of a human torso, which was full of multi-colored styrofoam balls, and the person playing the game would direct brightly colored ferrets to race around inside the torso and eat up as many of the balls as they could.  But of course the children were losing the game.

Then I woke up.