Saturday, January 23, 2010

More pictures from New Zealand

If all goes as planned, this post should appear while I am zipping over the ocean on my way home. Enjoy.

These gentlemen may actually be Tongan.  There was a conference celebrating YWAM's anniversary immediately before ours, and I snuck in and took a few pictures.

Kiwi fruit actually grows on a vine, like grapes.  They grow various shrubs as windscreens, because the wind will knock them off the vine.  When it's time to harvest they walk under the vine with a big bag attached to their chests, and they pick the fruit and place it in the bag.  I had no idea.

In addition to kiwi fruit, I ate plenty of fish and chips while in Tauranga. Near my hotel was a little shack where fishermen sold their fish, and then the people at the shack would sell customers the fish... raw or like the picture above.  I chose fried.

After the conference was over I walked up to Mount Maunganui. As you can see from the yellow sign in the foreground, you have to be careful if you try to drive over the hill, and a strict speed limit is enforced.
Unless you're in my immediate family I won't subject you to all the pictures I took, but it really was a beautiful walk.

Here's a picture of a fellow hiker on the trail.

Here's the view from the top.

And here's the view from the trail that goes around the base.