Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birds in the Bedroom

My kids have a freakish ability to wake up at 6:55 a.m. every morning. It doesn't matter how late they stay up. It doesn't matter how tired they are. Weekends. Weekdays. Holidays.

Yesterday morning they somehow slept in. At 7:15 I went to check on them and they were asleep, but I could hear the most raucous caucophony of birds outside their window... like "CAT IN OUR TREE EMERGENCY" sort of bird calls. I was amazed at how loud it was.

The kids came down a little later and I mentioned to them how loud the birds had been in their room a few minutes before.

Z got a sly look on her face and she watched me with sidelong eyes. "That's our alarm clock," she said.

"Ha ha," I said.

"No, really. 'A' figured out how to turn it on and we set it for 6:55 every morning."

Aha. Mystery solved.