Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Squeaky THING Which Lives In Our Attic (?)

You may recall that I mentioned the strange squeaking thing in our room some time ago. Our friend Hillary asked for an update on this inexplicable phenomenon, so here goes.

Observations about... The Thing:

1) Despite the changing hours of light, it remains ridiculously punctual in its squeaking. It usually squeaks sometime between 10:30 pm and 11 pm.

2) It nearly always squeaks in the precise same pattern: SqueEEEK squeak.

3) I've noticed that anytime I hear the squeak I also can hear the faint sound of an airplane overhead (this might be coincidence, of course... there are planes flying over our house reasonably often during the day and night).

4) The sound of the squeaking sounds uncannily similar to the sound of the cheap phone beside our bed... if it were truncated into a sickly, nano-second version of its three second ring.

Current theories about... The Thing include:

1) A bat. A punctual, friendly bat who likes to say good night to us each evening.

2) A mechanical bat. Who is not friendly, he is just programmed that way.

3) Our phone has some sort of defect that causes it to squeak when planes fly overhead. But only between the hours of 1030 and 11.

4) A mass auditory hallucination that is isolated to only Krista and I.

Please feel free to leave comments with your theories as well. Scientific testing for authentification of... The Thing will begin shortly.


  1. Smoke detector low on batteries?

  2. Hm. This is perplexing. Are you sticking with your "ghost" theory?

  3. @Andy -- Nope. The whole house lights up with BEEPING when the detectors are low. This is definitely a squeak.

    @Hillary -- Oh, the ghost is at the office. I'm pretty sure it's a "Thing" at our house. :)

  4. Could it be that the Thing happens more frequently, but you don't spend all day in your room so you only hear it between 10:30 and 11:00?

    (This is your chance to spend the day in bed so that you can listen for the Thing.) ;)

  5. Know any geeks that might be hacked off at you?

  6. Jane Austen transformed into a bat through some unfortunate and unpredictable side effects of a time machine malfunction... the squeek is simply unrecognizable Old English. As we know, Jane is always punctual, as well as succinct.