Monday, November 19, 2007

More Monkey Island Slogans

I was thinking about the post above, and I started feeling bad for whoever came to BHR seeking monkey island slogans. I mean, the basic idea of an island full of monkeys is something we here at BHR fully support.

We've never really had any monkey island slogans on this blog. And that just made me sad. And a little angry. Whoever runs this thing is dumb for never thinking of it before.


Here are some Monkey Island Slogans:

"No Phones! No Lights! No Motor Cars!"

"Clothes Optional."

"Monkey Island... Now A Video Game!"

"No Tail, No Service."

"Coming In Three Million Years: Cro-Magnon Island."

"More Fun Than Monkey Peninsula."

Okay. That was fun. Now you guys add some in the comments.


  1. Perhaps:
    "Show me the monkey!"
    "It's all fun and games until some one gets their eye poked out by another monkey throwing poo."
    "We'll teach you how to peal a banana properly."

  2. Anonymous9:24 PM

    "If you get voted off this island, you'll feel even more foolish than a Survivor reject."

  3. Welcome to fantasy monkey island - where all your uncles are monkey and all the monkeys are rich!
    Come Tattoo!\OK Bossth.

  4. Where everyone monkey's around

    More fun than a barrel of mice

    Maybe not so much a slogan as a tag-phrase said by a Pygmy Marmoset with a French accent pointing up into the sky: "The Pri-mate, The Pri-mate".