Monday, November 12, 2007

Almost All Figured Out

I think I've stumbled across a workable solution to complete world domination. And I have all the necessary resources but one: more time.


Anyone out there have a time machine I could borrow?


  1. I can let you borrow mine for a bit, as long as you remember to refill the fuel tank when you're done. I also want a piece of the world, of course.

  2. 2007 is almost over and your blog footer still says copyright 2006. I'd say you already have a time machine right under your nose, old friend.

    Start dating your blog posts way, way into the past, but link them to somebody else's blog posts dated years into the future and, like magic, the present will sync up with your world domination plans. Trust me, it worked for me for a 15 second period of time in the year 2035, you should give it a try.

    Okay, I'm done being a nerd now. Or, am I?

  3. Bro, I'd let you borrow mine too but I ran out of plutonium for my flux capacitor. And I forgot to pick a Mr. Fusion maker in the future. So either I have to wait like 7 more years for those to be invented or if you know of an electric storm that will strike soon that can give us the required 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to operate. Otherwise your world domination will have to wait.