Thursday, November 08, 2007

Leggo My Eggo!

This morning at the hotel I was staying at, I had a chance encounter with a petty injustice.

There was a "make your own waffle" station, and all three waffle irons were open, so I poured myself a waffle and then took my milk over to the table I had chosen.

When I returned, there was a guy standing in front of my waffle iron, waiting for it to beep. There was another waffle cooking now, too. I stood there, looking at this man who was guarding my waffle for a minute.

Man: These waffle irons can be pretty confusing. Do you want me to show you how to use one?

Me: No. I already poured myself a waffle.

Man: Yeah, it's pretty easy to forget which waffle iron you poured your batter into.

Then he opened the iron, took out my waffle and walked away.


  1. It's situations like these that you just need to throw all of the butter, syrup, peanut butter, or any other possible waffle topping into the clear-sided lucky charms dispenser, stir it all together, then start wondering aloud about the range of "Intercontinental Breakfast Missles"

  2. I guess he didn't need you to show you how to use one. It's not that confusing if you just take the one your neighbor made.

  3. Was the waffle thief Steve Ellisen?

  4. Ha ha! Nope. Complete stranger.

  5. Anonymous9:52 AM

    At least he didn't grab your sausage.

    Adam H