Friday, January 06, 2006

My wife thinks I am an elitist

Krista was reading my blog and she read the post about being a closet intellectual and she turned to me and said, "You're an elitist." What? Me? First, she says, one shouldn't admit that they are closet intellectuals. Just stay in the closet, my friends! Second, she found my little Latin pun a little smug and insufferable. Well, I only have one thing to say to all that: it's a good thing I am so far above everyone else so that doesn't hurt my feelings. Ha ha ha!


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    It's tough being labeled elitist.

  2. Matt, I'd take Krista's comment as as a complement if I were you. In fact you're the greatest elitist there is. Aaahh, but I [link=]flatter[/link]you.

  3. Anonymous12:56 PM

    It could be worse - at least you weren't labeled pretentious.

  4. Dear Anonymous-- I am not sure who you are but I think my new life goal is to figure it out. Yes, that is a good life goal. Assuming you are not an amalgamated bunch of people all anonymously posting. You seem to be quite funny and loveable, so that is a good first clue.

    As for you MATT MCCOMAS! I have already figured out who YOU are.