Sunday, January 08, 2006

A cool gift I got for my daughter's birthday

My best friend came to my house today (No, not Jesus you smart alecks. Besides, he's omnipresent and thus cannot "come to my house." So there.) He came because we needed his kids to come celebrate one of my kids' birthday (3 years old, princess party, but that's another story).

More importantly, why is My Friend my best friend? This is very simple. You see, he painted me this watercolor you see to the left of a burning heart. Right? He painted it for the blog. He gave it to me for free! He's sold art before, you know. And, you know, he actually introduced me to blogging when he saw the terrors of my own attempt at making a website. Did any of you do that? No, you did not. In fact, you people haven't sent me a single drawing. Not even a stick figure! So. If you would like to send me a picture I'll stick it up in the comment section of this post. When we get all the legal things worked out maybe we'll sell tattoos of all the images we gather.


  1. In other news, the admittedly awesome picture has completely destroyed my sidebar. Hmmmm. I will have to reflect on this.

  2. just adjust your template ... closet intellectuals should be able to figure it out in no time!

  3. not only do you like to read chesterton, but your best friend's blog is awesome (the robert deeble link alone earned a lot of points). you just may have recovered from the blow of being labeled an elitist and regained your status as every stinter's hero. that is a great painting, too, by the way. if we end up getting a team tattoo in honor of rijeka (which has been seriously discussed), i'll put that design in the running...


  5. Ken-- I am also a closet technophobe. So I moved the image to the sidebar instead of "fixing the settings". Ha ha ! As if I knew how to do that!

    St. Anon-- "A not-so-subliminal threat"? You mean like the time you put postage on a butcher knife and sent it to me in the mail? Oh yeah... I am seeing the burning heart in an all new way.

    Alexis-- if you get this tatoo I will be immensely jealous.

    Andy-- thanks for the picture. I can't figure out how to post pictures in the comments section. Help us Obi-Ken Kenobi. You are our only hope.

    As for the rest of you... well., come on. I want to see more pictures.


    Your Master.

    I mean web master.

  6. ok matt,

    to post a picture to the comments page, you first have to stand up and the spin around (clockwise) 4 times, then do 4 jumping jacks, then spin (counterclockwise) 3 times, sit back down and then touch your nose with your left pinky toe while thinking of the picture you want to post.

    If you followed the instructions perfectly, you should realize that you can't put pictures on the comment page because you can't use the html tag (img) in the comments section.

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  8. Oh yeah? Then how do you explain this beatnick:

    00 P

  9. ha ha ha! Good one!

    I laugh at myself.

    p.s. beatnicks are almost always funny.