Wednesday, November 07, 2012

My three year old explains why she is afraid of monsters

At six a.m. this morning my three-year-old crawled into bed with me, put her head under the covers and said, "I have to hide from the monsters." She often mentions monsters and never seems particularly bothered by them. In fact, the whole putting her head under the covers was new. Still, she didn't seem particularly upset.

I assured here there were not monsters in our house (note that I used the qualifier "in our house"). I told her, the only people in the house are me, your mom and your sisters.

She pointed out into the darkness of the bedroom and said, "No. There's a monster right there."

I could see just well enough to tell that there was no monster where she was pointing, and I said so.

"I don't like scary monsters," she said. "When they come, they want to get me all dressed up."

"They do?"

"Yes. And I don't like getting dressed up."

Scary monsters. They're the worst.


  1. That is the most unique reason I've ever heard of for fearing monsters! Where did she get that?

    It must be hard not to laugh when she's scared and saying cute things like that!

  2. I can totally get behind this reasoning.

  3. Oh my goodness, love these kinds of conversations. We've had some similar ones with our four-year-old, including one that ended with her saying "That dream kind of melted my eyes a little bit." Kids are the best.