Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our new podcast: The StoryMen!

Yes, it's true. Clay Morgan, J.R. Forasteros and I have decided to start a semi-regular podcast together. We are, in fact, pod people.

For the uninitiated, basically a podcast is like a radio show. It's the three of us hanging out and talking about things that interest us. We'll have guests, we'll have fights, we'll have laughs. In fact, J.R. and I have a big fight in this one about whether Quantam of Solace was a good movie or not. Well. A minor disagreement, anyway.

The themes of StoryMen will be pop culture, theology and history. That's why we put it right in our banner.

You can listen to our PILOT EPISODE here, in which we talk about Star Wars, Skyfall and Biblical Womanhood. Yes, you read that correctly. We are that awesome.

You can join our Facebook group.

And, here's the StoryMen website.


1. Which of the StoryMen learned about Lucasfilm being purchased by Disney from Jordin Sparks.

2. Who Clay sides with on the Quantam of Solace debate!

3. What kind of homemade cookie my daughter delivers to me during recording!

4. And much, much more!

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