Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Twilight: the New Moon wolf pack auditions (by 1491)

Nurse Shasta sent me a link to the Native comedy group the 1491s a while back, and I particularly enjoyed this video, a satire about the casting of Natives for the Twilight movies. For those who don't know, there's a tribe of Native Americans (specifically the Quieluete tribe) who are werewolves. In the movie, I mean, not in real life. I mean, they're not werewolves in real life. Anyway, the 1491s made this video and it made me laugh a lot. Since the last of the Twilight movies is out now, I thought I would share it:

 If you're interested in the Native point of view on things, here are three places you should take a look:

1) My friend Mark Charles. And ESPECIALLY if you live in the Washington, D.C. area you should consider attending the Conversation for Reconciliation on December 19th.

2) A great book I read recently is On the Rez by Ian Frazier.

3) You might also enjoy One Church, Many Tribes by Richard Twiss.


  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    1. Mark Charles is awesome, as is his blog, and I wish i lived near D.C. so I could go.
    2. I'm pretty sure that the best part of this video is the credits...and his dance/war calls during them...hahahaaaaaaaaa

    1. Yeah. I like the part where they refuse to apologize for their sexiness. Ha ha ha.