Monday, August 13, 2012

Eavesdropping With Matt (Episode Sixty-One: Maybe we disagree on the definition of 'classy')

Now THIS is classy. Buy some
 classy Star Wars art from Greg Peltz here.
Dedicated to the four people behind me eating dinner at Thai Noon, who were having a VERY LOUD conversation that really did not require any eavesdropping as such.

Guy 1: With one or two exceptions, the strip clubs in San Francisco are slutty.

Guy 2: What do you mean?

Guy 1: They're just full of skinny women prancing around and taking their clothes off. They're not classy.

So... a classy strip club would require... that it not be a strip club. I can agree with that definition. Strip clubs are not classy. That's practically the definition of classy.

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