Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Q Conference -- Washington DC

Hey everyone!

I'm at the Q conference today, tomorrow and Thursday. You can watch a live stream of some of the show today from 9-10:30 AM EST and 7-8:45 PM EST. It looks like you have to "register" for the live stream, so go check it out now.

Perhaps, if there is internet, I will participate in the dubious practice of live blogging*. Brrrrr. Cross your fingers and hope for no internet, my minions.

In any case, I'll be back soon, and in a couple of hours we have a new RIDICULOUS AMAZON REVIEW coming up!

*Live blogging is when one types out a blog post as it happens, periodically posting and then updating the post LIVE. It allows for constant access to off-the-cuff insights from the blogger. This is what an extravert refers to as "Thinking"... the constant running of the mouth without consideration.

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