Thursday, April 19, 2012


I was disturbed to learn today that one of my friends has never seen or heard of THE LAST STARFIGHTER, and he's been making fun of his wife about it because she likes it.

 To which I can only say, THE LAST STARFIGHTER is an amazing movie and it's time to watch it RIGHT NOW!



  1. probably one of my favorite movies as a kid. i had a tape with most of all three star wars movies and the last star fighter on it and i watched the crap out of that tape.

  2. Just to clarify: I did not make fun of my wife. But now that I have seen the trailer, I feel justified and even obligated to make fun of her. Please don't take that personally.

  3. John -- there's no way for us to not take it personally. It is the first feature to make extensive use of CGI. That alone makes it a bit of film history. Next thing you know you'll be making fun of people who like Enemy Mine. Then you'll really have crossed the line.