Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oscar parody posters

Okay, these made me laugh.
It's funny because it's true. 

It's funny because George Clooney thinks it's really, really so obviously true.

It's funny because: "Even if it's just, like, best make up." Ha!

It's funny because... "fetlocks"... ha ha ha! Horses have dumb names for everything!

These are by far my favorites from the posters. If you're offended by language, references to disturbing things in some of the movies or spoilers, proceed with caution (Rated R), but there's a whole bunch of them here.


  1. LOVE these- where did you find them? we have an Oscars party every all should come! -

  2. They're from a website in the UK... the

  3. When ARE the Oscars anyway? We'd love to come if we're in town!