Monday, February 13, 2012

The limitations of a Masculine Christianity, as presented by a romance comic in 1974

Given the recent brouhaha* over John Piper's comments about how Christianity should be "masculine," I thought you might enjoy the comic below. Especially if you're holding a cigar in one hand and a brew in the other with ESPN playing in the background and you're wondering what all them girls are upset about.

Just pretend that Liz says "church" instead of school below. She just wants to live out a masculine Christianity! But now all her friends think she is a "strange girl." You can click on the comic to see it larger.

This comic totally stolen from ComicsAlliance and Young Romance #197.
This comic is from 1974, the year of my birth, nearly 40 years ago. But it's still relevant for comments made in the church last week. Yay.

Responses to Piper's speech came from just about everyone who has a blog**, including but not limited to Brian LePort, John Stackhouse, Scot McKnight,  and Rachel Held Evans, who invited MEN to write in and share their thoughts on the topic and had over 150 responses!

No response, as near as I can tell, from Dr. Piper, either defending or clarifying his view.

*Or was it a BROhaha
** What did people in the church talk about/argue about before the Internet? They must have been really bored.

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  1. Props Matt on the asterisk with BROhaha. I like the cartoon. I would have pegged it a little earlier than '74.