Friday, August 26, 2011

Ridiculous Reviewers On Amazon: One Star Review for Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

Invisible ManToday's one star review from our friends at is for Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man. Ellison's novel is the story of a nameless African American who faces rejection and humiliation at every turn despite his above average intelligence and desire to succeed in society. He realizes as the novel progresses that he possesses a sort of social invisibility because of his race. The book is well written, and Ellison experimented with a jazz-infused style that emphasized experimentation and improvisation. It's consistently on "best of the century" book lists and won the National Book Award when it was released in 1953.

That doesn't stop it, of course, from getting some one star reviews. Because everyone deserves some criticism! This is America!

Da'Marcus Mouton has plenty to say and he calls his review The Most Boring Book In the World!!!!!!!!! (number of exclamation points are NOT EXAGGERATED by Matt Mikalatos). Mr. Mouton has this to say:

The Invisible Man is the first book that I read in which every word was boring and pointless. I understood what it was about, however I felt it was pointless. The prologue was even boring! All in all you can read this book and be the judge of it yourself but prepared to be bored out of your mind unless you enjoy reading about how a african american is betrayed over and over again.

Every single word!!!!!!!!! Boring!!!!!!!! And pointless!!!!!!!! Perhaps he is referring to... exclamation points?

My favorite one star review comes from EmilieBelle75 who said:

I was also very sad that this book was so long. If a book is going to be bad, why can't it also be short? I do not understand. 
And lastly, winning the "I didn't know what I was getting into" award for reviewing of the wrong novel, S. Morris of Kentucky says:

If you are expecting something along the lines of H.G. Wells' classic, you will be sorely disappointed.
Here are more Ridiculous One Star Reviews on Amazon. Read them!!!!!!!! If you dare!!!!!!!

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