Monday, August 01, 2011

Fasting Day Twenty-Eight:A fully developed fantasy life

Does this look like something you
should be putting in your body?

I woke up and drank some fruit juice this morning (the V8 juice I’ve been drinking since day one, and it tasted really weird and not good for some reason). It tasted way sweeter than I was used to, which was weird because I didn’t really remember it being so sweet, but it had been a while since I had drank any, so I thought maybe it just seemed really sweet compared to grape juice or something. But there was this weird aftertaste. Then my wife pointed out that I had accidentally bought a LIGHT version of the juice (it was only 50% juice it turns out) and that I had been drinking not only some sort of weird light version but also SUCRALOSE. Gross! I immediately recognized the after taste when she mentioned it. Of course it was the chemical aftertaste of sucralose. I was really bummed about it, and later in the morning I got a pretty bad stomach ache from it.

That's more like it!
Tonight I spent about 40 minutes looking through a Chinese cooking book, trying to find something I would enjoy eating. I think it's fair to say that I have a fully developed food fantasy life now. I hate to admit it, but Krista and I were watching "Master Chef" the whole time I was flipping through the cookbook. I find myself overly interested in what the amateur chefs are making, and, you know, most everything they make looks good in a sort of disinterested way. 

Anyway, I’m thinking about making the vegetable broth that’s in our Chinese cook book. But what I really want is the Shanghai style noodles. Mmmmmmm. Krista said she would be glad to eat lots of the meals in the cookbook if I cooked them.

We talked about Father’s Day, too, which will be one week before the end of my fast. Of course I won’t be able to eat, which totally derails the usual family plan (“take dad to eat where he wants to eat”). But Chinese food sounds so good… I wonder if I’ll be able to eat it soon after my fast, and if so how soon it will be!

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