Saturday, August 06, 2011

Fasting Day Thirty-Three: Father's Day

Just a reminder, these posts aren't in real time. So don't panic. 

Here's the sort of restaurant I like.
How many holidays and celebrations can there be in 40 days? Seems like there are a lot... every month and a half we're celebrating something, and then there are weddings and days in honor of this or that.  Today is Father's Day.  Our family tradition on Father's Day is that Krista and the kids take me out to a meal, but obviously that's not possible today. We'll have to reschedule! Part of the deal, of course, is that no one complains about my choice, no matter what it is!

The Umbrella Academy Volume 1 (v. 1)Since a meal wasn't an option, we went to church in the morning (here's the message Pastor John preached) and then went (for the first time) to Things From Another World so I could buy myself a graphic novel on behalf of my wife and children. I chose The Umbrella Academy, which turned out to be an interesting and excellent choice. Once we got home I was sent to my hammock, where I spent the afternoon reading my comic book and then took a nap. There's not much better than a nap on the hammock with a graphic novel on your chest. 

Overall, a nice day, although the lack of food still makes it harder to regulate my emotions. But it was nice to have a day that was relaxing and enjoyable in the midst of the fast.

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