Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wonderful Primeday: Wednesday Treat from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

You may have missed all the hoopla the last couple weeks about a young lady named Rebecca Black whose parents paid for voice lessons, someone to write a song, auto-tune and a video so their baby could be a pop star and the resulting internet explosion as 109 MILLION people watched the video to watch how not-great it is. I feel sorry for the kid and think the idiots who are making fun of her need to be unplugged from the internet and taught some manners. AND... I wish I could get 109 million hits on any video I would ever upload. This kid could get a social media job right now I bet. Anyway, here's her video (I provide it for context for the Wonderful Wednesday offering to follow):

Now. THIS video is excellent. It's called "Primeday" and it's a satire of Ms. Black's video, which just happens to be sung by Princess Leia. You will enjoy it.

I am posting both of these within hearing of my baby M. She is dancing joyfully. Ah, to be a child again.

Excuse me while I go dance.

p.s. It's stuck in your head, isn't it?