Thursday, April 07, 2011

Amish Girls Dig Imaginary Jesus

I like to drop by Borders and see if they have copies of my book. I was in a nearby town this week and dropped by the local bookstore to find this lovely display of Imaginary Jesus together with its regular shelf buddy, More than Words byJudith Miller.

Why hello there.
I noticed as I looked at these two books together on the shelf that the young Amish lady in the book seemed to be looking at Imaginary Jesus pretty closely. Hmm. Could it just be my imagination?

I really like your glasses.
Nope. That Amish girl is totally digging Imaginary Jesus.

I am thinking about writing Judith Miller and asking her how she feels about our books sharing a shelf. I might just read her book first. Because if our books are going to start dating, I want to know who is potentially going to be at the Thanksgiving table come November.


  1. I don't know. She might just be wondering where he got those snazzy sunglasses.

  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Definitely checking him out

  3. LOL ah I love it!