Monday, April 18, 2011

At UC Irvine last week

Last Thursday night I spoke to a group of students at UC Irvine about our conceptions, opinions, ideas, preferences and misconceptions about Jesus, as well as what Jesus has to say about himself.

The Campus Crusade for Christ staff and students who put on the event did a great job, asking a lot of their friends to come as well as spending much of the week hosting a "graffiti wall" where people could write out their answers to the question "Who is Jesus?"

The event itself went well, and I enjoyed meeting a lot of students and having some great conversations. At least one person said they made a decision to be a follower of Jesus, which was cool. Here are some pictures from the graffiti wall:

Throughout the week, students were encouraged to put their thoughts about Jesus up on the "graffiti wall" on campus.

The team had made great posters and handed out copies of IJ to interested students.

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  1. maru :)12:15 AM

    But did you happen to mention to them about some good prize winning stories written by a few talented, amature wordsmiths relating to your book on the website they can also read? :D