Tuesday, February 01, 2011


This is a band called Supernova.
Scientists have recently announced that the Earth is going to get a second sun when the star Betelgeuse goes SUPERNOVA!  The explosion will be so bright that it could make the nighttime sky nearly as bright as the daytime sky, and this could last for several weeks. Brad Carter, an astronomer, says that it will happen soon... as early as THIS YEAR and as late as a million years from now.

My first car was a Nova.

This is a superhero named Nova.

This is Nova making eyes at an alien chick with a knife.
Soon -- maybe later this year, maybe a
million years from now -- Nova is going to regret this.
NOW YOU: In the comments, make a list of things that may happen as early as this year and as late as a million years from now. You know, stuff like this:

1) Gardens will be planted on the moon!
2) Robots will destroy all human life!
3) Robots will raise the intelligence of dogs so that they can serve their robot masters!
4) Dogs will overthrow and destroy all robots!

Get to it! Before the supernova!


  1. A guy at the auto show said the Rapture was going to happen May 21, 2011......or a million years from now....

  2. For some reason, your request just seems too complicated right now. Perhaps I need a coffee.

  3. A friend of mine once dreamed that the end of the world would be signaled by a shortage of underwear and an overabundance of tacos. I think that would fit into your time frame.

  4. My children may brush their teeth and apply soap while bathing without being told this year... or a million years from now.

  5. pongboy10:15 AM

    My end-of-the-world prophecy has always been this: Bruce Willis makes another Die Hard film; Stallone makes another Rocky and/or Rambo film; Chuck Norris makes another Missing in Action film. Two out of three! We're getting real close people!!!! :D