Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eavesdropping with Matt (Episode Forty-Eight: Take It from Me, Parents Just Don't Understand)

This episode of Eavesdropping with Matt is dedicated to the two lovely women who are the secretaries at the office of our children's doctor. 

Secretary #1: I don't know why everyone insists on trying to schedule things with Dr. J. She has a family of her own and her schedule is less flexible.

Secretary #2: I know. It's like people think a doctor will be better with kids just because she has kids.

Secretary #1: That's what the lady I just spoke to said. She wants Dr. J because Dr. J has kids.

Secretary #2: I don't see why parents think that having kids can make someone a better doctor for kids.

AND NOW, using my amazing psychic powers I will reveal something about both secretaries. It's getting clearer. It's getting clearer. I've got it! Neither of them has children. They are far too reasonable. TA-DA! Please feel free to shower me with applause.

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