Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Jet Lag

Jet lag is usually the worst on day 2, at least in my experience. You wake up tired and can't go back to sleep, at a time of the morning when you should be blissfully snoring on your back.

This morning I probably would have slept through the "danger zone" in which if you wake up, you stay awake, except that the baby hit her head on something in her crib and started to cry. She, of course, went back to sleep. I lay in bed and tried to stay in bed and eventually got up. Which means that I woke Krista up, although she stayed in bed and tried to overcome it.

Jet lag also means that you will laugh at insane things that would usually pass by uncommented, like when someone close to you says, "Is this an animal show?" or "animal attraction" or something like that. I know, I know, there is nothing funny about these things. Intellectually I know this. But my jet lagged mind finds them hysterically funny. I am laughing right now.  Ha ha! No one has actually said those things, by the way. I'm just saying that if they did, I would find it funny.

Speaking of which... lack of coherence is also a problem. Sigh.

Okay, it's now close enough to my regular wake up time that I think I will go eat some Honey Nut Cheerios.

If you see me asleep or napping today, or if you catch me staring off into space with a glassy look in my eyes, poke e in the side wmill you?


  1. One word for you ... Benedryl.

  2. Ugh. I just re-read this and I have to say that the typos at the end are just embarrassing but I will leave them in for authenticity's sake.

    Carolyn, Benedryl knocks me out cold. I mean stone cold, unconscious. If there were a fire in the house Krista and the kids would have to team up and drag me out. :)

  3. I'm offended that you think there is ANYTHING blissful about snoring. Lol