Friday, February 25, 2011

Now's Your Chance to See the Cover of Night of the Living Dead Christian

Here it is, the cover to Night of the Living Dead Christian. I sent out a sneak peek to all the newsletter subscribers on Wednesday. Here's what it looked like (you can sign up in the column on the right).

Here's the official facebook page.

It's hard to express how pleased I am with this cover. It definitely exceeded my expectations, and turned out better than my original pitch, which was a church in the background with a bloody chainsaw in the foreground. I was kidding. Mostly.

Huge props to the Tyndale design team. Well done.

In the near future we'll see about getting some more goodies related to the book out to you all. But in the meantime you can mark the release date in October-ish and make all your wishes that summer would just go away and get straight to fall so you can get this book in your hot little hands.

Okay. Back to work you lackeys.