Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seven Ate Nine

There is a lot of waiting involved in publishing. Everything takes a long time. In actual fact, I think the process has been faster than typical for me, but it still feels like you're caught in a slow motion scene in a movie.

So, while I've been waiting for the deal with Imaginary Jesus to come together, the contract to be finished, editors assigned, et cetera, I've started on a second book. I finished up chapter nine this morning:

12357 / 50000 words. 25% done!

One quarter of the way through book two! You may notice that I dropped my word count by ten thousand. It seems that with the sort of book I write everyone would prefer it to be a little shorter, so I'm writing with that in mind for book two. The quarter marks are nice ones because now I can say, "Just do that three more times and it's done!"

Today's a day off from work. I'm planning to get out and do a little exercise, then go hang out at "Taste of Fort Collins" with Team Hibbs. Then I have a LOT of seminary homework to do. So much of my day will be sitting in virtual class.

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