Saturday, June 06, 2009

The conversation my brain and my body had with one another this morning

Brain: Good morning!

Body: Ugh. Shhh.

Brain: Let's get up and do something fun!

Body: Mmmaybe. Like what.

Brain: Something really fun. Like... you know... jogging.


Brain: You'll feel better when you get in shape.

Body: How many times have we been jogging? Twice? We didn't like it then, why should we like it now.

Brain: Well, guess what? I'm the brain and I'm in charge. Get to it!

(a few minutes later, on the road)

Body: *huff* *huff*

Brain: This is going to pay off in the future.

Body: Shut... up... brain.

Brain: You're going to feel great!

Body: Okay. We've run about thirty steps now. Need to rest.

Brain: Keep going!

Body: If you want to meet Jesus right now I will keep running, but otherwise we have to stop before I explode.

Brain: Fine. But we're going again tomorrow.

Body: I want the old brain back.

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