Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Captain America Alive Again... Now He Will Beat Up Some More Nazis

I'm glad to say that Captain America, who died some time ago, is coming back to life this July. You may recall that I predicted this EVEN DOWN TO THE TIMING (okay, I said July 4th and it comes out July 1st, whatever). This is why from now on you will refer to me as... THE INEXPLICABLE PROGNOSTICATOR!

And now, as if in celebration, I give you this classic Cap moment at left. You may recall last time I gave you a picture of Cap punching Hitler. Well, that was not humiliating enough! Now Cap has his faithful sidekick, Bucky (that's right, he's about twelve years old) crouch behind Hitler and then... HE SHOVES HIM! Ha ha ha! Oh, Captain America. I am sure you were a schoolyard bully when you were a kid, but it sure is funny when you do that to a Nazi.

And, an added bonus... I can use the tag "Hitler should be beaten up by a man in red white and blue pajamas and silly floppy boots" again! I am so pleased!

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