Monday, June 29, 2009

Matt Mikalatos with Ambassador Speakers

The good folks at Ambassador Speakers Bureau and Literary Agency recently sent out an email letting people know that I am available to speak at various churches and conferences and so on. They wrote this rather flattering paragraph:

"Author of the forthcoming Tyndale/Barna book, Imaginary Jesus, Matt understands the dialect of our culture and will help you discover fresh tools for evangelism and outreach. He is passionate about a vibrant Christianity that comes with the discovery of the authentic Jesus. Matt will ignite your passion for evangelism and will do it with humor, power and a passion for friends, associates and neighbors who have not yet found the life Jesus offers. Matt has been a writer for the Wittenberg Door and is terminally funny. He has also been a contributor to Discipleship Journal published by The Navigators and other periodicals."
Aw, shucks! I'm blushing! I'm really excited about the opportunity to speak in some new places and to have a chance to talk with more people about Jesus. YEAH!

Click here to learn more about MATT MIKALATOS at It's my "official bio" and some talk links.

Click here to learn more about MATT MIKALATOS at


  1. terminally funny huh? sounds dangerous...

  2. Your job: not to put the 'ass' in ambassador. Or maybe there's a position open for that, in which case maybe that would be the right thing to do.

    But in that case, I'd try to get them to tweak the job description and let you bring the 'bass' instead, and you could use your Masterpiece voice with an evil laugh thrown in when things get exciting.

  3. like that terminally funny comment.

  4. "terminally funny" came about because of how much time I spend in airport lounges.

    DaveShack... I always bring the bass, baby.