Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meeting Doodles #5: Xtrack

As previously PROVEN BY SCIENCE! doodling helps you to concentrate. As if to show that I am paying Very Close Attention in my meetings (which have been excellent, by the way), I submit for your approval yesterday's meeting doodles:

Also, we are live streaming and then putting into archives our meetings this summer. If you're interested in Xtrack, cultural training and so on, send me an email and I'll get you the link and the password.

P.S. Since I am in meetings all summer I am taking doodle requests. I've already done one commission (Batman and Robin on a ladder hanging from a hot air balloon with Batman being bitten by a shark).


  1. How about a Doctor Who themed doodle of some kind?

  2. How about "News from the New Neighborhood" in doodle form?

    ps. Batman's handy "shark repellent" is not visible on his bat-belt from the angle of the drawing. Not really complaining... more of an existential thought to ponder for weeks to come...