Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bike to Work Day

Today while I was out on my morning jog (!) I noticed a big tent up ahead, with food splayed out over the table. As I got closer I realized it was a big breakfast in honor of cyclists who were riding their bikes to work because it's bike to work day in Fort Collins, Colorado. Pancakes, bananas, milk and eggs were available for free to anyone who rides their bike to work, because we care about the environment.

But... breakfast is not available to the joggers. Never mind that we, too, are saving the environment by not driving. Never mind that we didn't even cause metal to be turned into a transportation conveyance. It's a perfect example of having a vision (SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT) and a tactic to move us along toward it (FREE BREAKFAST FOR BIKERS!) that loses the reason it existed in the first place (Let's go fill the van with food that was trucked in from all over the world and feed anyone on a bike... but not joggers).

It doesn't really matter because I don't like pancakes or bananas, I have my own milk and I can't eat eggs. So I guess I'll go jump in the shower so I can get in the car to drive to my meetings....