Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meeting Doodles #9: On Fire!

About eight years ago, the story of Moses and the burning bush became increasingly important to me in my spiritual walk. As I started having deeper intimacy with Christ, this terrifying moment of Moses finding God's divine presence in the midst of the midnight desert hit home.

So I find myself drawing a burning bush every once in a while... it's a reminder to approach Him with reverence, to expect Him to speak, and to turn aside and investigate strange things, because they just may be a path into His presence.

Places I've had "burning bush" moments:

Hidden away in a stand of bamboo in China.

Walking the Oregon coastline on a foggy day.

Sunset in Joshua Tree.

How about you? Where has God met with you in unexpected ways and places?

1 comment:

  1. Silver Falls, Oregon - at a men's retreat that I decided to leave and wander through the forest instead