Monday, January 19, 2009

Recycled Humor

In our house, when something needs to be recycled, it is placed on the end of the counter to await my manly hands, which take it out to the garage, place it upon the floor, squash it with my feet, then place it in the appropriately colored recycling container.

Yesterday I took hold of a milk carton and two egg cartons. I took them to the garage. I squished the milk carton and placed it in the plastic recycling. I stacked the egg cartons on top of one another, leapt into the air and landed on the cardboard, waiting for the familiar fffffp sound of compressed cardboard, but being greeted instead with a definite CRACK. The crack of an... eggshell?

Indeed, it was the crack of an eggshell. One lone egg had remained in the discarded carton. I cleaned up and told Krista about it. She apologized, having forgotten to warn me about this. I told her, "I guess the yolk's on me."


  1. In our house, Terry is allowed one bad joke per day. After that, he forfeits dessert.
    Watch out for your dessert, Matt.

  2. You mean to say he gets his "just desserts"?


  3. No dessert for you. Two days in a row.

  4. Who wants Matt's piece of pie??

  5. Um. I already heard this one. Oh, I get it. Recycling your humor.

  6. Give my pie to Terry! I suspect he deserves it!

    And yes, Dave, I probably deserve another day of no dessert for the title.