Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lord Save Us From Your Followers

Quite a while back I interviewed a guy named Dan Merchant for the Wittenburg Door. Dan made a documentary and wrote a book called Lord Save Us From Your Followers. Dan was immensely generous, spending part of an afternoon hanging out and answering all the questions I could come up with.

If you've not seen the film, it's about Dan's quest to find an answer to a simple question, "Why is the gospel of love dividing America?" So, like any sane man would do he set out to find answers: he dressed in a jump suit covered in contradictory bumper stickers; he held a “reverse confessional” at the gay Pride Northwest event, apologizing for Christian behavior toward homosexuals; he set up a “family feud” style game show pitting the atheists and Christians against one another; and he traveled the country asking people like Al Franken, Tony Compolo, Rick Santorum, Michael Reagan and people on the street, “Why is the Gospel of Love dividing America?”

Dan is selling DVD copies of the film on his website for a limited time. He's in talks with some distributors, so this is a limited time offer.


  1. I just ordered the DVD

  2. Matt, you and your blog readers should know that I, and some other people you may know are IN that movie! PSU Campus Crusade Students are in the family feud scene. For like 1 second. Where's Waldo? Find your friends! More incentive to buy the DVD!