Friday, January 09, 2009

I have a new text message

I received a text message today from a stranger. He had a 360 area code, which is my area code. Here is our text conversation in its entirety.

360: R u a chick

Me: Are you a rhinoceros?

360: Am a guy. I am 19.

Me: I am a happily married man. How did you get this number?

360: Just started txting randum peaps!. Do you have any friends that r girls or any on ur contacts that i can have?

360: U receive text

360: U receive previous text

I wanted to write back to ask how successful the cold call "R u a chick" technique was working for him, but I didn't have time.


  1. Oh my goodness. I can't believe that happened to you.

    Your life is strange.

    And I thought MPD cold-calling was hard.

  2. Creepy, sad and funny all at once.

  3. I received a txt like this that was for a different girl - when I responded to let him know that it was the wrong person he said,
    "well who is this?" & "wanted to know if I was available"

    I promptly stopped txting.

  4.'s a weird world sometimes.

  5. Matt, I've been reading your blog out loud to Tifah and Reid when we're driving for entertainment. We've all been cackling delightedly. Keep it up!