Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Church History Puns

I just started a church history class tonight. My professor is young (meaning he is not ancient) and also one of those Ridiculously Intelligent Geniuses Who Cannot Be Touched (meaning he is smarter than me).

I kept noticing throughout his lecture today that there were these little puns thrown in every once in a while. But he never cracked a smile. I laughed once, but no one else did, so I was wondering... is this some sort of test? Is this how he entertains the other 98% of his brain while the 2% is lecturing?

I know, you think they are probably just those accidental puns that happen sometimes. The kind where you say "no pun intended" and everyone laughs and you say, "No, really." But c'mon. You have to see these puns to believe them. Here are my two favorites:

1) Talking about the earliest church that has been found (it's in a cave) he aid, "This was a rocky time for the church."

2) Talking about the similarities between pagan and Christian art in the first couple of centuries after Christ he said, "There are common artisitic practices that I would draw on."

So come on... tell me the truth. Do you think those puns are intentional or accidental?