Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alas, Poor New Mexico

As you no doubt recall, we at the Burning Hearts Revolution care deeply about the people of disenfranchised locations around the globe. In fact, one of our Great Campaigns Against Injustice was enormously successful, causing all the poet laureate-less states of the Union to receive their own unofficial laureates. In response, Washington even created an official position. Yay.

But one of those tragically under-loved states was New Mexico. And though the letters of adoration have been pouring in from the maligned people of New Mexico, profusely thanking me for crowning Kasey Martin the New Mexico State Laureate, I have learned of yet another problem facing our beleaguered friends in the Newest portion of Mexico. They need a new governor.

So, I contacted some of my friends in Hollywood to see what I could do. And I am proud to say that one of them has answered the call... our good friend, Val Kilmer. Yes, the voice of KITT from the new Knight Rider. If you're looking for a governor, he's your huckleberry.

That's all I got.

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