Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Baby Mikalatos On the Way

Krista and I are pleased to make our "official" announcement that Krista is pregnant. She's about ten weeks along, and you can see a picture of the baby above.

The bright white spot in the center of the baby's body is the heart beat, which was a strong 165 beats per minute at our appointment. The baby was moving around during the ultrasound, too, which was a beautiful moment. We both cried when we saw the baby and heard the heartbeat.

The baby should be joining us as a detachable person around August 13th. Z and A are thrilled and have been coming up with a bevy of names. Z picks names like "Gracey" and A picks names like "Lightbulb."

So, get ready world, one more Mikalatos is on the way! We figure seven months is plenty of warning.